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After high school completion:


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Training and practical
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L’viv Stavropegial State Higher Professional College
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We welcome our guests in our official site dedicated
to L’viv Stavropegial State Higher Professional College

      The College history originates from the first school in Ukraine functioning on public donations in L’viv Stavropegial Fraternity. At the school there was a printing house where talented students were taught printing. In October, 1944 the former printing house was transformed into a vocational school (VS-2) designed for staff training for printing industry.
      Here are the milestones of the evolution of our educational institution: Vocational School (VS-2, VS-11, VS-58, VS-17), Secondary Vocational School (SVC-58), L’viv Stavropiguian High School — L’viv Stavropegial State Higher Professional College.

      L’viv Stavropegial Higher Professional College is a State Educational Institution. We train qualified personnel for printing, construction and service industries.
      Enrolling new students is carried out upon the results of interview according to admission requirements. College students are provided with hostel facilities. And those who do well get a schoolarship. The period of study in Higher Professional College is registered in work experience records. There is a diversity of clubs where students can exercise their leasure activities.
      Here, within these walls, our experienced teaching staff trains qualified personnel following the best traditions of this unique, one of the first professional schools in Ukraine. The liders of the institution keeps on improving educational working methods and technologies, and logistics of our college.

      A lot of our graduates continue their studies in L’viv Printing College, Ukrainian Printing Academy, College of Technology of Ukrainian National Forestry University, L’viv Automobile College of L’viv Polytechnic National University, L’viv College of Construction, Architecture and Design, etc.
      Make your choice and become a student of L’viv Stavropegial State Higher Professional College. Here, you will acquire an occupation that will secure your future. Qualifications beloning to printing, construction and service industries are the most well-paid and in demand at the labour market of Ukraine and beyond it.